Project Site Use Cases

The project site working group has identified the following high-level use cases for Scholar project sites.

  • Academic Advising – many advisers on campus use Scholar to schedule meetings with and otherwise communicate with their students.
  • Collaboration – Sharing of documents, emailing between site members, posting announcements, scheduling events, etc. for various groups of people.
  • Email Distribution (aka. Listserv functionality) – Sending out (one way) mass communications to a group of people.
  • File Sharing – Permalink – Posting files to a site and then having the documents be available indefinitely for publications and links from other websites.
  • File Sharing – Internal – Sharing files with other VT affiliates.
  • File Sharing – External – Sharing files with people outside of the university (people that don’t have a VT PID).
  • Scheduling – Using calendaring features to plan events and share with others.
  • Training/Courses (non-degree) – Courses that are not part of official VT degree programs.
  • Websites – General purpose web site building/content sharing.
  • Wikis (Knowledge bases) – Shared, editable documentation for groups.

*there is some overlap in the list above, but in general, these are the main functional areas that will need to be covered as we move away from Scholar for project sites to other products

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