Timeline & Metrics

Critical Dates

6/15/2016 – Copies of all SPOT reports since the Sakai SPOT system started made available in “My Files” in Canvas for each instructor; Summer I and II for 2016 uploaded exclusively to Canvas.

7/16/2016 – Project site creation was turned off in Scholar; existing sites can be used until Scholar shutdown, but no new sites can be created.  Check here for additional details.

10/3/2016 – EvaluationKit turned on to replace the Sakai-based SPOT system.

3/1/2017 – Course site creation and ePortfolio site creation will be turned off in Scholar; courses can run through the end of spring semester, but no new courses or ePortfolios can be added.

5/20/2017 – Scholar shuts down; all content needed should be moved prior to this date.


The timeline and activities will evolve as the project progresses.



Spring 2016 Canvas metrics_08312016

Fall 2015 Canvas metrics_08312016