Fall 2015 “Ramp-Up” Semester Details for Students



Welcome to Canvas!

Virginia Tech is in the process of moving from Scholar to Canvas as our main Learning Management System.  This means that as the migration progresses over the new few semesters, you are likely to have courses in both systems during the same semester. We understand that this creates some challenges for students and are doing all we can to make the transition as smooth and speedy as possible.  Instructors currently have a choice of systems to use and there are several constraints that might keep them in Scholar for a bit longer. We truly appreciate your patience during this period.

Fall 2015 is our “ramp-up” period, during which we are preparing the system for wider campus adoption; this implies that Canvas functionality will be changing with some regularity as new features are brought online throughout the fall.

Should you have any questions or issues with Canvas, please contact us via 4help.