Check out the Spring 2017 SPOT improvements.

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Virginia Tech has chosen EvaluationKit to replace our Scholar-based SPOT system. The new system was used university-wide starting in Fall 2016.

This system provides us with several enhancements; please review this Top 10 list of improvements that benefit us the most.

Response rates for our first semester were substantially higher than previous Fall semesters. Here is a graph showing how this Fall compared to previous years:

Our Scholar-based SPOT system served us well from 2011 to 2016; however, we’ve learned a good bit about how this can and should work better at Virginia Tech. There are some functional shortcomings with our Scholar-based approach which the new system addresses. In addition, since Virginia Tech has decided to move away from Sakai (the open-source system behind Scholar), keeping Sakai just for the purpose of running evaluations would be complex and expensive. We will be shutting down all Sakai services at Virginia Tech on May 20, 2017; the move to EvaluationKIT is an important part of that effort.

For more information about the SPOT process, please visit the Office of Assessment and Evaluation’s website.