Fall 2015 “Ramp-Up” Semester Details for Instructors



Our first full semester of using Canvas (Fall 2015), will be a ramp-up period, designed to move us from Spring 2015’s limited proof-of-concept test to full implementation and university-wide adoption. This ramp-up means several things, which faculty should understand before using the system to develop their fall courses.  Here’s a list of the factors to consider:

  • The system (canvas.vt.edu) will be the same system we will be using during ramp-up and for subsequent semesters, so any sites and/or content created in this system will be available for the future.  If you are an instructor, you are welcome to log in to your Canvas dashboard by clicking this link and entering your PID and password.
  • The system is intended for course sites only at this time; a decision/recommendation for project sites will be coming in Fall 2015.
  • Migration tools are now available.  This is no longer a factor that would make one delay a move to Canvas.
  • Guest accounts will ultimately be supported but not prior to the start of the Fall 2015 semester.
  • Each CRN (each section) will be put in an independent course shell as a starting point.  This is to provide instructors maximum flexibility in how they want to teach with Canvas.  Canvas provides a method to combine sections into a single course site and directions will be provided for this by August 1.  We will eventually provide a custom tool to allow sections to be moved between courses, but not prior to the start of the Fall 2015 semester.

If you are not comfortable accepting these constraints,  please wait until Spring of 2016 to begin using Canvas to teach.  By that point, we expect to eliminate these limitations; Canvas will then be in a full-production mode. To get started in Canvas, see the Getting Started Guide for Instructors.

Scholar will remain available and fully supported until Spring of 2017.  If you have any questions about whether or not you should use Canvas for courses beginning this fall, please contact us via email at nextgenerationlms-g@vt.edu

For general support requests and help with Canvas, please contact us via 4help.