Training & Support

Getting Started

Faculty and instructors should be aware of the Faculty Getting Started Guide, which provides detailed instructions for logging into your account, setting up a draft course, and other important initial steps.

Support On Demand

Canvas offers dedicated support that is available by phone, ticket, or chat. Canvas support can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by clicking the help tab in the upper right of your Canvas User Dashboard screen, or by calling 1-844-701-1942.

Scheduled Support and Training Opportunities

In addition to Canvas’ dedicated support, we have a number of training and consultation options to help faculty and staff explore Canvas tools, develop course content, and discover the new features that are available. These options include:

  • Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI) courses – to review the list of options and enroll, click on the NLI link, and search under ‘Canvas.’ Courses include:
    • One-on-one meetings with our Student Consultants at our lab spaces in Torgersen Hall in Blacksburg:
    • Initial Course Setup
    • Building Assignments
    • Tests and Quizzes
    • Communication Tools
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Using Modules to Design your Course
    • Introduction to Commons
    • Scholar to Canvas Migration Q&A

Redesign your courses while migrating to Canvas:

Faculty: As you migrate your courses from Scholar to the new system, Canvas, you may decide that its a perfect time to revamp and redesign your courses. Learning Experience Design (LED) is here to help you with your online, blended, and technology-enhance classrooms!

You have the following options:

​1) Cohort: Work with an interdisciplinary group of faculty throughout a semester to develop your courses. Cohorts are guided through online professional development and weekly consultation with an instructional designer. Cohort participation includes commitment to quality assurance review for course and earns certification through NLI.

2) Faculty Working Groups: Work with your fellow faculty from a specific program. Groups meet bi-weekly for group session and individual consultation with an instructional designer. Working Group participation includes commitment to quality assurance review of courses and earns certification through NLI.

3) Individual Consultations: Faculty can schedule up to three individual one-hour consultations with LED staff for instructional design, referral to LED services, challenges with individual course elements such as learning activities, teaching with technology, assessments, etc.

4) Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI) Certification Programs: Participate in an NLI certificate program to review and revise your course structure, engage in learning activities, course assessments, and more. These programs do not result in full course development or include quality assurance review for courses but are excellent opportunities to explore and begin development and teaching of courses for online, blended, and technology-enhanced classrooms.

Registration is available through NLI at Please search for “Learning Experience Design” to locate the Teaching Mastery Certification Programs

For more information or to arrange for any of our services,please contact us at or call 540-231-5004. Learning Experience Design will be happy to present on our options and services at your department, program, or faculty meetings.

On-Site Sessions

We will also be happy to schedule on-site consulting sessions — where a team of our graduate and undergraduate consultants comes to your location for a full morning or afternoon, making it easy for instructors across your department or college to learn more, or get help with specific questions. An invitation to book these on-site consulting sessions is being sent to Deans and Department Heads – if you are interested, please consult with your administration and contact us at