Timeline & Metrics Fall 2015 and prior


The timeline and activities will evolve as the project progresses.  Please note the milestones shown are for the Canvas Implementation Project only and not the related projects.


Fall 2015 Conversion Numbers


Milestone Name Due Date Status Notes
Load faculty & staff accounts to Canvas 6/01/2015 green dot completed
Launch "ramp-up" system 6/02/2015 green dot completed
Build Banner interfaces for new system 7/30/2015 green dot on track
Load provisioned fall courses/rosters/all student accounts 8/1/2015 green dot on track
Run first semester as a "ramp-up" semester 8/24/2015 green dot on track
Install Sakai conversion tools 9/30/2015 green dot These tools will help move content from Sakai into new system
First winter semester using Canvas 12/28/2015 green dot optional move for instructors
Prepare system as full production for Spring 2016 12/01/2015 green dot on track

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