Project Sites

While Scholar’s primary purpose has been to serve as a learning management system for academic courses at Virginia Tech, it has also seen significant use as a place to organize and share information (announcements, files, calendars, and discussion forums) within groups, clubs, committees, and departments. While Canvas offers major improvements for the management of academic courses, its strong focus on pedagogy makes it less suitable as a home for project and group sites.

As such, finding alternatives for Scholar’s project sites is an important corollary goal within the overall Canvas implementation initiative.

To plan for the future of these sites, TLOS and the IT Council were asked to examine the tools that might serve the needs of project and group site administrators. The IT Council formed a working group to explore the options available. In 2015, the working group completed a detailed report about the direction we should take.  The information from this report served as input to the options now available as suitable migration options for your project site data.

You can now review your options and begin moving your sites.

If you’d like some help deciding what to do with your project sites, or need help moving your projects to a new home, you can schedule a consultation with TLOS using this form.